Quills and Vintage Ink Bottles


Lead Crystal Ink Bottle
Handblown into original 19th century mould. Following early American traditions, a pontil rod is attached to the bottom so that the neck and flange can be finished, making each piece unique. As the pontil rod is broken away, it leaves an irregular bottom surface found on many antique bottles.
Each lead crystal reproduction is drilled with a diamond tapered bit and fitted with a polished nickel-plated stopper (solid brass) in the shape of a cork. Period bottles were stoppered with corks.
Very Limited Quantities are available in cobalt blue and ruby red
Introductory Offer: $69.00

Panelled Ink Bottle Set

Includes a reproduction flint bottle with cork reminiscent of 19th century
ink bottles.
Handcut pair of quills of the finest quality will vary in color and shape.
Use bottle to display crossed quill pens or stoppered with cork for ink

Introductory Offer: $14.99

Parcel of Quill Pens

Package of 5 expertly cut quills includes prized varieties such as Bronze or Royal Palm turkey and goose quills.
Cut to a fine point, writers may customize
quills by cutting across for italic or angled for oblique nibs.
To return packaged quills to natural shape, gently steam over kettle for a few seconds.

Introductory Offer: $12.50 for 5 Pak