Paesina Stone is the story of the earth. Nature, the ultimate master of art, has always guarded its most beautiful creations. For the creation of the Pawsina, she has artfully weaved the heat, the cold, earthquakes, water, but above all time ...30 to 50 million years have gone into the creation of the extraordinary designs that make this rock unique. The stone comes from Tuscany where it has always been prized as a semi-precious stone. In the museum Villa Borghese in Rome and in the Rock Museum of Florence are rare examples of this Paesina Stone. Now Ancora brings you the singular pleasure of writing with an instrument that is precious and absolutely unique combining Italian craftsmanship and the artistry of nature. The nib is 18kt gold. They have cartridge/converter filling systems.Available in fine, medium and broard nibs. .

Suggested Retail
Fountain Pen - Sterling Silver: $895.00
Our Price: $625.00
Fountain Pen - Gold: $1,095.00
Our Price: $765.00
Each limited to 300 pieces worldwide

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Paesina with Gold Trim


Paesina with Sterling Silver Trim