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September 19, 20 and 21, 2003

New York City Pen Show

New York Helmsley Hotel
212 East 42nd Street
New York City
Reservations: (212) 490-8900
Ask for Pen Show Rate

Contact: Steve and Maryann Zucker
Phone: (718) 434-3713
E-mail: Maryann Zucker

The following are links to other interesting and informative pen sites.

The Moak Swan Gallery
For a wonderful view of Mabie Todd "Swan" fountain pens and pencils, visit this site and visit often as there is always something new to see
A comprehensive site covering the the Parker 75 family of writing instruments, focusing primarily on the fountain pens.

Richard' Binder's Pens
A comprehensive and informative website with a wealthy of information for even the most savvy collectors. A wonderful source for writing instruments and related items.
The Internet site for fountain pen with others, post questions to the bulletin board and read articles in the magazine and much more...
On stop source for fine writing instruments, Namiki and Vintage Maki-E pens and much more....
A great source of information an informative reading, as well as pens for sale, collectors biographies and much, more. . .
Custom advertising ink blotters at
Provisor Promotions, Ink.
An incredible wealth of information for Sheaffer and Parker, in addition to much more. . . . hunt through this site, you won't be sorry.

pen collectors of america
Join the PCA - don't delay. Informative articles, monthly updates, nonprofit organization bringing the pen community together . . . they need your support.

Glen Marcus Pen
|Online pen shopping, vintage, modern. Pens of Course and much more . . . .

Bill Acker's Pen Site
This site is being updated often, many wonderful links, pens to see and items to purchase . . .

Bruce Marshall
Wonderful collection of vintage pens enjoy this site. . .

The Nakaya Pen Company of Japan
A maker of fine hand-made customized pens, Nakaya is a small
Japanese company with an interesting web site. . . . and a wonderful reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

The Ink Palette
A compehensive website for inks, refills and related items. If you can't find it here it does not exist.

Notary Journal
Notary Journal, Notary Stamps, Xstamper & Custom Rubber Stamps at